• 24 hours of ECG monitoring by the Holter method, ABPM - pressure Holter test,
  • Echocardiogram + heart Doppler test,
  • ECG, ABPM Holter,
  • function tests evaluation,
  • simulators test (Medtronic),
  • qualification to surgical and dental operations
  • interdisciplinary prophylaxis of circulatory system diseases.

We know that everyone of us has only one heart. Except for a brain, it is the most important organ in human body. When it stops working, our life ends.

If you have any problems with your heart, don't ignore them. Go to a specialist - a cardiologist who will support you in your struggle for health and significantly improve the comfort of your life.
We strongly recommend the recognised Mrs. Agnieszka Gorgoń-Komor, MSc, who is a deputy department head at the Cardiology Department at the Beskid Oncology Centre– City Hospital in Bielsko-Biała.
Considerable knowledge supported with several years of experience - this is what you are looking for and which you will find here!

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine gains more and more supporters in our country and is one of the fastest growing industries in medicine. More and more Poles make use of those operations. More and more foreign Patients looks for such a form of treatment and body beautification. 

If you want to use a proven and professional medical care in which Patients’ satisfaction is placed on the first position, it is here where such a place exists - in KOMOR-MED Bielsko-Biała. We present a holistic approach to the face aesthetics.
Mrs. Agnieszka Gorgoń-Komor, Msc, the graduate from the Postgraduate Aesthetics Medicine School in Warsaw will listen, advise, perform an operation, and also provide with a post-operative care.

Operations carried out in Komor-Med:

  • correction of wrinkles and furrows: botulin, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite,
  • mesotherapy of face and other parts: hyaluronic acid, low cross-linked, vitamin and peptide preparations,
  • platelet-rich plasma,
  • mouth shape and face oval correction - hyaluronic acid, cross-linked,
  • medical peelings,
  • laser operations in full scope: laser depilation, vessels and angiomas removal, CO2 laser operations - removal of scars, tatoos, post acne changes, warts, hyperpigmentation, etc.

TRILIPO technology which guarantees safety and very high efficiency is used for MAXIMUS operations. Why it is worth to choose TRILIPO? 
Thanks to operations performed by using TRILIPO equipment, you will gain:

  • More beautiful and a younger look of skin - skin becomes firm and tight
  • Decrease of cellulite and fatty tissue
  • More flat abdomen
  • Modelled arms, buttocks, and thighs

Geneo+ beauty treatment - innovative operation inspired by nature which supports the skin and body rejuvenation effect, as well as silhouette modelling.
Thanks to the newly-developed MicroBubble Technology you will gain the illuminating, renewal, and skin deoxidation effect.

How does the MicroBubble Technology work?

  • It deoxidises skin naturally, reaching the deepest layers of skin.
  • Peels callused skin
  • Absorbs nutritional components supporting appropriate skin regeneration

The Geneo+ operation was distinguished by the Prix de Beauté prize awarded by Cosmopolitan magazine for 2014 in the category: “The best cosmetic and nursing operation”

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